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manoj tours

By Manoj Dissanayake On May 17, 2013 Under Uncategorized

Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420       www.tour-lanka  travel  east-coast  beaches called  pasikudah, kalkudah , trincomalee  and batticaloa…..batticaloa is  famous in sri lanken folklore  for it’s  singing  fish....  according  to tradition,  between april to  september  a strange  noice….described  variously  as  resembling  a  plucked guitar  or  violin  string, or the  sound  produced  by  rubbing  a wet  finger around  the rim of a glass-can be  heard  issuing  from the depths of  the  lagoon…..the  singing  is  allegedly  strongest  on full  moon  nights….though  no  one knows  exactly what  causes  it- and  indeed  some  people  say the entire  story is just  an  old wives’  tale..the  most   popular  explanation   is  that  it’s  produced  by  some  form of  marine life -anything  from  catfish  to mussels- while  another  theory  states  that  it’s  made  by  water  flowing  between  boulders  on the  lagoon floor…the best  way to  listen  to the  singing  is  apparently  to dip  one end  of  an oar  in the water and  hold  the  other end  to your ear,  kallady  bridge  , a  couple  of  kilometres  out side  town..is  traditionally  held to be a good  place  to tune  in…..


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