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tour -lanka nature tour

By Manoj Dissanayake On May 17, 2013 Under Uncategorized

IMAG0015   no animal  is as intimately  connected  with the  history  and culture  of the  island  as the  sri  lankan  elephant – indeed  such was  the regard  in which they  were held  that  killing  one  was formarly a  capital  offence, elephants  are  accorded  an almost  religious  veneration  on account of  their  size and strength, and play an important  role  in religious  festivals across the country. nowhere more so than at the esala perahera  in kandy.. where the tooth relic it self  ( or at least its casket)  is borne through the city by the maligawa  tusker. ceremonial  occasions aside, elephants have been put to many uses throughout  the island’s  history…dutugamunu went  to war mounted  on one , while later kings of  anuradhapura  used them to trample down  the foundations  of their city’s  great  religious  monuments  during  the kandyan era, elephants  were used  to trample condemned  prisoners  to death, while the pragmatic  dutch  employed  them to haul gun -carriages  and tow barges  along their  newly  constructed  canals- even now  , trained elephants  are used  to move  heavy  objects  in places inaccessible  to machinery. elephants  were  also a  valuable  commercial  commodity. the  colonial  authorities  organized  huge elephant  hunts  where wild  elephants were  rounded up, tamed and  then exported-



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