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Archive for July, 2013


By Manoj Dissanayake On July 22, 2013 No Comments

according to historical  records,  this had  continuously  been  an  important  shrine from  pre-christian  times  up to about  13 th  century… these  ancient  buildings  have  been erected  on two slightly  elevated  boulders…..the  circular  relic house on the top of  one  boulder,  the  religious buildings grouped  around  and the  two adjacent  ponds  must have  offered  a breathtaking  view in the  days  of yore…

archaeologists  believe  that the  present  circular  relic house  had been built on an earlier  site where there  had  been stupa..the chronicle  records  that king  kanithatissa  ( 167-186 ac ) built a  chapter  house at medirigiriya  in the  second century….which  suggests  that there had been a  monastery by then….

like many  other  shrine  in sri  lanka……this too  had been  devastated  by  south indian  invaders  in the tenth  century  as  evidenced  by the  fact  that  king  vijayabahu 1  had  renovated  some  buildings  here in the 11 th  century…but in course  of

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