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Hijama cupping therapy

By Manoj Dissanayake On November 4, 2013 No Comments


By Manoj Dissanayake On July 22, 2013 No Comments

according to historical  records,  this had  continuously  been  an  important  shrine from  pre-christian  times  up to about  13 th  century… these  ancient  buildings  have  been erected  on two slightly  elevated  boulders…..the  circular  relic house on the top of  one  boulder,  the  religious buildings grouped  around  and the  two adjacent  ponds  must have  offered  a breathtaking  view in the  days  of yore…

archaeologists  believe  that the  present  circular  relic house  had been built on an earlier  site where there  had  been stupa..the chronicle  records  that king  kanithatissa  ( 167-186 ac ) built a  chapter  house at medirigiriya  in the  second century….which  suggests  that there had been a  monastery by then….

like many  other  shrine  in sri  lanka……this too  had been  devastated  by  south indian  invaders  in the tenth  century  as  evidenced  by the  fact  that  king  vijayabahu 1  had  renovated  some  buildings  here in the 11 th  century…but in course  of

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By Manoj Dissanayake On May 30, 2013 No Comments

IMAG0017IMAG0016IMAG0018it’s  about  16  k.m out of anuradapura  lies  mihintale  remembered  in national   consciousness  as the cradle  of the  sinhala  buddhist  civilisation, it  is here  that  thera  mahinda  , son of  the mauryan   emperor  asoka,  met king  tissa  in the  third  century  BC,  as a  result  of  which  the king  embraced  buddhism…, in  fact the name  mihintale, which  mean’s  the  ” plateau  of mahinda”   is  derived  from  thera’s   name..the  mountain  was also  known as  chetiya   pabbata( the mountain  of stupas).

on the  western  slope  of the mountain  is the main flight of steps  that would  take you  to ambastala  plain  , it is a  wide flight  of  steps.. perhaps the  widest  in sri lanka, and is concidered  symbolic  of the  spiritual ascent  of  man.

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tour -lanka nature tour

By Manoj Dissanayake On May 17, 2013 No Comments

IMAG0015   no animal  is as intimately  connected  with the  history  and culture  of the  island  as the  sri  lankan  elephant – indeed  such was  the regard  in which they  were held  that  killing  one  was formarly a  capital  offence, elephants  are  accorded  an almost  religious  veneration  on account of  their  size and strength, and play an important  role  in religious  festivals across the country. nowhere more so than at the esala perahera  in kandy.. where the tooth relic it self  ( or at least its casket)  is borne through the city by the maligawa  tusker. ceremonial  occasions aside, elephants have been put to many uses throughout  the island’s  history…dutugamunu went  to war mounted  on one , while later kings of  anuradhapura  used them to trample down  the foundations  of their city’s  great  religious  monuments  during  the kandyan era, elephants  were used 

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manoj tours

By Manoj Dissanayake On May 17, 2013 No Comments

Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420       www.tour-lanka  travel  east-coast  beaches called  pasikudah, kalkudah , trincomalee  and batticaloa…..batticaloa is  famous in sri lanken folklore  for it’s  singing  fish....  according  to tradition,  between april to  september  a strange  noice….described  variously  as  resembling  a  plucked guitar  or  violin  string, or the  sound  produced  by  rubbing  a wet  finger around  the rim of a glass-can be  heard  issuing  from the depths of  the  lagoon…..the  singing  is  allegedly  strongest  on full  moon  nights….though  no  one knows  exactly what  causes  it- and  indeed  some  people  say the entire  story is just  an  old wives’  tale..the  most   popular  explanation   is  that  it’s  produced  by  some  form of  marine life -anything  from  catfish  to mussels- while  another  theory  states  that  it’s  made  by  water  flowing  between  boulders  on the  lagoon floor…the best  way to  listen 

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About Tour Lanka

By agasthi On May 17, 2013 No Comments

DCIM100MEDIATour Lanka is a premier tour operator headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

As an integrated tour operator, we offer the complete range of services associated with vacationing and travel in the Sri Lanka, “the pearl of Indian ocean”. Our core focus is Leisure Travel and Destination Management.

We are an award winning tour operator committed to providing quality services with immaculately planned trips that reflect our years of hands-on experience and in-depth product research & knowledge.

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